Domestic & Family Violence: Strengthening the Real Estate Response – a toolkit to guide practice

**Update – July 2020 – Q Shelter has published an addendum to this toolkit in response to COVID-19 Emergency Regulations. Earlier this year, the Queensland State Government introduced these Emergency Regulations to cover tenants and residents who have been impacted by DFV**

This toolkit has been developed to support real estate agents strengthen their practice in managing tenancies that are impacted by Domestic and Family Violence, providing:

  • information to increase awareness;
  • tools to guide Property Managers to manage tenancies impacted; and
  • suggestions about how to advise landlords on the situation and its management.

This toolkit aims to strengthen the response of the real estate industry as Australia strives to put a halt to domestic and family violence.

Safe and secure housing is a critical component for victims of domestic and family violence and the real estate industry is in a prime position to help achieve this outcome.

This resource was funded by the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Social Services.