Community housing providers want detailed, reliable information to help them compare their costs and performance with peers across the sector.

Q Shelter partners with the NSW Federation of Housing Associations to offer this service.

House Keys allows you to:

  • Benchmark your organisation against peers
  • Check you are providing value for money
  • Increase the quality of service to tenants
  • Highlight areas of high performance
  • Identify where you could make savings or improve customer service

As well as enabling data driven improvement, House Keys will give Governments and lenders additional confidence in the industry. House Keys are the benchmarking tools that the industry has been asking for – all CHPs should take this opportunity to compare themselves to their peers as well as providers nationally.

In 2015 two new online tools were developed for the community housing industry to set industry standards and allow providers to see how they compare with housing provider peers operating in five states –New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT and Tasmania. Feedback about Round Three of House Keys Operations has been very positive since its launch in November 2017, with 43 CHPs across 5 jurisdictions.

The tools are:

Housekey: Operations which uses key community housing indicators to compare an organisation’s performance against a suite of 100 key indicators. Indicators are grouped in areas like finance and asset management, but drill down to generate detailed data and;

Housekey: Workforce which gives organisations a detailed understanding of how the size, mix and cost of their workforce compares with others in the sector. This helps organisations understand their Workforce Turnover, staff to property ratios, qualifications and other key workforce metrics.

How can I get started with House Keys?

Queensland House Keys subscribers are part of a User Group and have this comparison information available to them to start informing their business decisions.

To get started watch our House Keys video to find out how to get the most out of it and read our House Keys user manual.  The Federation have emailed log in details directly to registered subscribers to make sure information is kept confidential.  If you need additional log ins please contact us.

AHURI framework for quantifying housing expenditure to be added to House Keys from 2016

The AHURI framework is a carefully defined approach to making precise comparisons of housing management expenditure. The framework is based on an AHURI Project   that ran from 2013-2015 and addressed, amongst other outcomes, the most effective and replicable way to define, measure and dis-aggregate management expenditure per social housing dwelling to allow accurate comparisons between classes of social landlords and between individual providers. The Federation believes that the framework will be a valuable enhancement to the data already collected through House Keys and encourages all CHPs to participate in this additional data collection at no extra cost.

Useful Links / Resources

House Keys: Operations Aggregate Report

User Guide

Video Guide

House Keys Leaflet

Getting the most from House Keys

Here are our top 5 suggestions about how your organisation can get the most out of House Keys:

1.     Include a summary of key data and rankings in board reporting, analysed by relevant peer group
2.     Prepare a summary for senior management and staff
3.     Prepare a digest of results for tenants and discuss the results in more detail with your tenants’ advisory group
4.     Feed the priority improvement areas into next year’s Operations Plan
5.     Discuss the sectors’ results at a network meeting with your peers – for example with CFO’s, middle managers’ or asset and development managers

Not yet registered for House Keys?

If your community housing organisation has not yet subscribed to House Keys but wishes to participate, please contact Q Shelter via email

Click here for House keys: operations indicator list