Robert Perrier

General Member

(07) 3831 5900

Robert has spent much of his working life in community cultural development as a performer and events director and producer in the performing arts. He was a founding director and the founding artistic director of the Murray River Performing Group (now Hothouse Theatre) and the Flying Fruit Fly Children’s Circus (FFFC) in Albury/Wodonga. In that capacity he oversaw the establishment of the FFFC Community School (P3-10). Since returning to Brisbane in the early 2000’s he has focused on writing and song-writing. Robert also has extensive experience as a management and strategy consultant working on various projects for Government, NGO’s and the private sector.

He has been a community and social housing tenant since 2012. As a result, he has a hands-on understanding of the housing needs of the sector and the challenges and opportunities facing the sector particularly under the new national system.

Robert is a creative and strategic thinker interested in the sustainability and legacy of community organisations. Robert hopes to provide a tenant voice and perspective in discussions around policy and vision. He does not see himself as a tenant representative, but rather as someone in the sector with the knowledge, skills and lived experience who can contribute to the general aims and goals of Q Shelter.