Q Shelter Webinars: What To Expect

Q Shelter is now offering online learning opportunities. We have been delivering webinars on issues ranging from community development to good governance principles. Webinars are an affordable means of bringing together a variety of people from across the state to discuss issues facing their different communities.

We have been learning alongside you to develop best practice around our webinar production. We use Redback conferencing to produce our webinars. Redback provide resources for first time webinar users here.

All of our upcoming webinars are advertised through the events page on our website. We also use Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to share our events. Follow us on social media and avoid missing out on affordable learning opportunities.

What is a webinar?

Webinars are similar to an online recorded lecture. On the day of the webinar, you will receive a webpage URL and password that will allow you login to an online ‘room’.

Example of a Q Shelter webinar room

webinar example what to expect






Usually, a webinar will be structured around a PowerPoint presentation with a presenter providing audio over each slide. At the beginning of most webinars the presenter will introduce themselves and the content via a live camera feed. Participants are able to chat to one another and ask the presenter questions using the chatbox. Most webinars will be recorded for future use.

Demystifying Webinars: A Step-By-Step

  1. After registering you can set a calendar reminder in outlook with the date and time the webinar commences.
  2. You will receive an email a day before the webinar with prompts to test your computer software to make sure it is compatible with Redback software. You may be prompted to download Adobe Flash Player but most computers already have this installed.
  3. 30 minutes before the webinar commences you will receive and email with a URL and password. This URL will take you to the webinar ‘room’. You will need the password to login.
  4. On the bottom left- hand-side of the screen you will see the chatbox. We encourage participants to use this chatbox to ask questions, to get to know other participants and share their experiences.

For those who have not used a webinar before please call our office on (07) 3831 5900. Ally will talk you through what to expect and can run through an example webinar. This is an exciting learning tool with many possibilities. Q Shelter has prioritised ensuring everyone feels comfortable participating in webinars.