Good Governance Manual

The below guide provides an introduction to good governance for community organisations. It is written specifically with housing organisations in mind, but good governance is the same across the not-for-profit sector and most of what is written here could be applied to any not-for-profit organisation.

Governance Manual 2015

The Manual outlines what governance is, the expectations of the National Regulatory System for Community Housing in relation to governance, the role of the Board, setting strategic direction, financial oversight, managing risk, staff oversight and compliance.

Managing Conflicts of Interest

A Guide for Charity Board Members 

This detailed guide published in November 2015 by the ACNC is a very user friendly and helpful resource. It includes an outline of Board duties, an example policy and register, case studies and other useful information.

Good Governance Webinar Series available for free download now!

Q Shelter ran a successful series of webinars late last year to support the use of Q Shelter’s Manual.

Up to 16 people joined each session and posed their questions to our Guest Facilitator Jon Eastgate of 99 Consulting who are on the Q Shelter Panel of Consultants.

The webinars are designed to refresh existing Board/ Committee members on their skills and responsibilities and induct new members to their responsibilities. The series is also of value to senior managers and corporate staff dealing with governance.

Click on the links below to access each of the recorded webinars.

1. Who’s in charge around here? Governance and the Board


2. Setting the Direction: Strategic, Operational and Risk Planning

3. Getting the Job Done: Staff, Volunteers, Delegation and Honesty

4. On the Right Side of the Law: Compliance


Attendees indicated that they enjoyed the 1 hour sessions, looked “forward to the next workshops in this series” and that it gave them “some food for thought”.

The method of learning “overcomes the tyranny of distance effectively” and “makes the content accessible which has never been possible before”.

If you would like to introduce your Committee Members to or refresh them on their responsibilities, here is an opportunity to do so from the comfort of the office or home!

Download resources by clicking below:


Board performance and review

Business continuity plan

Decision making

Governing body, recruitment, selection and induction

Operational planning

Organisational structure

Roles and responsibilities of governing body members

Selection and performance of the Chief Executive Officer

Strategic planning

Succession planning