Business Structures

Many Queensland community housing organisations are keen to improve existing collaborations or build new working relationships in order to provide better outcomes for clients. Increasingly, government funded programs require evidence of collaboration. Q Shelter has had various requests for practical assistance in developing these partnerships and connections.

Q Shelter’s team have a wealth of experience in considering business structures and leading on change agendas and transitions, for example, stock transfers, mergers and facilitating partnership discussions.

Q Shelter can provide other services to support organisations through this process, including:

  • Facilitated discussions about the type of collaboration they want and which structures might best support that work
  • Facilitated decision-making sessions about the structural arrangements needed (eg. governance arrangements, agreements, decision-making, roles, responsibilities etc.)
  • Facilitated planning sessions within and across agencies charting a critical path and key milestones
  • Assisting agencies to consider what they can bring and want to negotiate as part of a strategic alliance

Q Shelter aims to strengthen the capacity for collaborative work in the community housing sector, resulting in stronger agencies and better tenant outcomes. If you are interested in this support and assistance, contact us on (07) 3831 5900. Further support in this area is being designed, so please contact us to have your say.

Below you will find tools and resources:

Successful Mergers: case studies and a legal perspective

The video of the presentation at Q Shelter’s Working Together Conference 2015 provides a legal perspective and two case studies from community organisations in Queensland.

Mergers and Amalgamations

Q Shelter have developed a resource to support providers who are considering potential strategic alliances and mergers. This guide includes many practical activities, reflective questions and resources to assist with considering potential partners and checklists that can be used by Community Housing Providers internally or with the aid of a facilitator. It is intended as a starting point to guide process as well as strategic discussions and decisions.

Download resources by clicking below:

Mergers and Amalgamations Guide


Vic Health have developed two user-friendly resources for the health sector and Q Shelter notes the relevant application and usefulness for the housing assistance sector. The Partnership Analysis tool and checklist are intended for use by organisations entering into or working in a partnership assist with assessing, monitoring and maximising the partnership’s effectiveness. The tools can be accessed via the following link.

As Vic Health explain, the tools are designed to help organisations understand the purposes of collaborations, reflect on partnerships and turn their attention to strengthening them.

Organisations may find the Changing Organisations section of the tool useful and of relevance when implementing other changes or business models/ decisions.

Many community housing and homelessness providers have a number of partnerships in order to maximise their service delivery. A periodic exercise using the checklist will enable organisations to assess a partnership’s effectiveness in a consistent way enabling reflection and continuous improvement.