Housing Support

Q Shelter has produced a written resource to assist community housing organisations to build and sustain partnerships with support providers.

The integration of support and housing is fundamental for ending homelessness and sustaining the tenancies of people who are vulnerable.

Housing within the One Social Housing System (OSHS) is geared to those with the highest identified needs.  As tenants are more likely to be living with some level of assessed vulnerability, community housing providers need to work seamlessly with support providers to achieve their objectives.

This resource will help community housing providers consider:

  • How to identify possible partnerships
  • How to understand the needs of their tenants as a basis for building support options
  • How to build systems and procedures that enable housing providers to identify support needs within an early intervention framework
  • How to measure success.

Download resources by clicking below:

Integrating Support and Housing


Council to Homeless Persons (based in Victoria) has been funded by the Mercy Foundation to produce a series of “Guides to Housing Focused Support” for workers in the homelessness sector.

Housing focused support refers to the activities and interventions delivered by workers in Specialist Homelessness Services that aim to help people gain and sustain a home. These good practice guides break down the core components of housing focused support to assist workers supporting people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.  The five guides available are:

1. An overview of homelessness

2. Engagement and rapport building

3. The role of assessment in housing-focused support 

4. Supporting consumers to access housing 

5. Supporting resettlement and stabilisation