Asset Management

Property inspection app – Queensland Housing Inspection Checklist

The Department of Housing and Public Works has collaborated with several providers to develop a mobile app for providers to use to perform annual property inspections on any properties managed on behalf of the department.

This is the Queensland Housing Inspection Checklist (QhIC), and the app is now available.

The QhIC app provides a convenient and consistent platform for providers to complete and record health and safety inspections that are required under the provisions of the lease agreement. More information is available here.

The app is free and available now to download through Apple, Android and Windows app stores. Before use, providers will need to register with the department to receive a login pin number so community housing providers can start using the app. Use of this app is voluntary for providers.

Asset Management Plan Guide and Template

Q Shelter is  pleased to release a new resource for the Queensland community housing sector – an Asset Management Plan Template and accompanying Asset Management Guide.

Q Shelter has been working in collaboration with the Department of Housing and Public Works to produce this resource, and would like to acknowledge their significant contribution, as well as the contribution of several community housing providers to the draft versions of these documents.

We are keen to receive feedback on these documents, and are happy to assist providers with reviewing draft Asset Management Plans.

Please contact Q Shelter via email – for assistance.

Q Shelter was also grateful to Jim Reeve of Access Community Housing for presenting an Asset Management Plan template at our Housing and Homelessness Conference in 2016.

You can find a copy of this template here.

Property Condition Planning Tool

Q Shelter has developed an asset management tool – a spreadsheet that contains a property register, property condition audit tool and a maintenance and upgrades program and forecasting tool.

For more information please contact Q Shelter via email –