NRSCH Readiness

Two NRSCH ‘self check’ tools were made available for Tier 3 providers to check their readiness to register:

Providers may find these helpful in preparing from the compliance stage of NRSCH. For more information on compliance, please contact Q Shelter on (07) 3831 5900

  • an ‘Evidence Self Check’ tool to assist Tier 3 community housing providers check their readiness to register under the NRSCH. This checklist identifies policies and procedures, supporting documents and planning documents that should assist with demonstrating capacity to meet each of the ‘Performance Outcomes’.

The checklist is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive but may help to identify gaps in the providers’ processes and structures.

  • A ‘Data Self Check’ tool to assist Tier 3 providers to prepare data required to complete the online registration return (CHRIS). This checklist identifies all the data required in CHRIS.

If you require a Word documents of these, please contact us.

Please note these tools are focussed on preparing for Performance Outcomes 1 to 6. Separate assistance is available to prepare for Performance Outcome 7: Financial Viability

Please telephone (07) 3831 5900 if you would like support using these tools.

An interactive self-assessment tool is also available from Community Housing Federation Australia (CHFA). Click here for the link.