Queensland State Election 2017: Addressing the Queensland Affordable and Social Housing Crisis

As Queensland’s State Election looms, Q Shelter members are calling for a policy platform that enable the growth and sustainability of the community housing and homelessness sector, and empowers the sector to respond to our social and affordable housing crisis.

For the housing and homelessness sector, the most important issue in this election is the effectiveness of our housing system in meeting the needs of low-income and vulnerable people across Queensland.  Due to Queensland’s vast geography, diverse housing markets, and transitional economies, there must be a recognition of these unique characteristics within a state policy framework to support sustainable and resilient communities.

Our members call for bipartisan commitment to seven key priorities:

1. Housing Growth

• Incentive based housing approvals
• People living with disability

2. Sustainability for community housing providers – Flexible rent settings

3. Regional structures – A place-based network approach

4. Tenancy Sustainment and Support

5. Establishment of a Housing and Homelessness Reform Council

6. The Homeless Service System – Early intervention for people at risk of homelessness

7. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing