If you’re interested, there’s still time to register!

Thursday evening saw a great turnout for the kick off of Q Shelter’s series of Webinars.

Staff and committee members joined from all over the State and were given tips including: who should be on a board, board agendas, what boards should do each meeting, along with the opportunity to ask the presenter, Jon Eastgate, questions.

Early feedback has been positive and includes:

“It was a great webinar”

Webinars “overcomes the tyranny of distance very effectively”

“Having someone speak through issues is so much better than just reading headings and text”

For many it was their first webinar experience and we are looking to improve the experience each time based on feedback.

The Webinars serve as a great refresher or induction for new committee members.

It is not too late to register for the free forthcoming Webinars. They are every Thursday for the next few weeks. Click here to register.