Developing the Community Housing Outcomes Framework 




The purpose of the Community Housing outcome measurement framework is to have a common way to show the value of our work to people we work with, to our staff, to our funders and to the community. The framework will enable us to answer the question for organisations and the sector: 

Does Community Housing provide vulnerable people with safe and secure housing that meets their needs?

The framework has been developed with a small working group of Community Housing providers. You can download the full draft Community Housing Outcome Measurement Framework or you can download sections you are interested in.

  1. Background:  What approach would work for the Community Housing sector?
  2. Building the outcome measurement model using one type of service as an example.
  3. The full outcome measurement framework for six types of services conducted by Community Housing organisations.
  4. Evidence that will support the framework:
  5. Using the framework: How could you use this approach?

How can you give feedback?

Very quick – concepts only: Complete a five question survey to give general feedback on the structure, usability and usefulness of the framework


Thorough – content of each component:  Read the full framework document and complete the 20 question survey to comment on each component of the framework. You can skip questions that don’t apply.

What happens next?

Feedback from the sector by 18 December 2017

Revised proposal – early 2018

Trialing with volunteer organisations – 2018

Marion Norton Project Manager
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Previous material: Social Outcomes Framework workshop (7 August 2017) 
  1. Workshop presentations and feedback (includes home to outcome pathway diagrams) 
  2. Analysis of workshop input