Choice and Control – Energy and Renters Report

As federal and state governments grapple with sky rocketing power prices, QCOSS together with Q Shelter, and Tenants Queensland have produced a report on the experiences of renters in the energy market – Choice and Control

Q Shelter is acutely aware of the rising energy costs for low income households – both those in social and community housing, and those in the private rental sector. The combined impact of rising rents (in many areas) and rising energy costs (across the board) are having a massive impact for those on the lowest incomes, including pensioners as well as part-time and low paid workers.

Home owners often have more choice and control over their energy expenditure – they have the opportunity and incentive to implement long-term solutions to reduce energy usage, such as solar panelling and installing insulation. Renters often don’t have security of long-term tenure or control over energy efficiency in their homes, and as such, are at the mercy of increasing power costs.

That’s why Q Shelter is right behind the recommendations in this report, because they address what has really been a hidden issue – over 1/3 of Queenslanders rent their homes including 70,000 households in social housing with an additional 10,000 households in affordable housing, such as NRAS.

Q Shelter is committed to working with QCOSS and Tenants Queensland to make sure that these recommendations are adopted, they would make a real difference to the hundreds of thousands of renters as well as social and affordable housing tenants across Queensland.

We congratulate QCOSS on this important report, which will support more tenants having choice and control over their energy costs.