One of Australia’s leading community housing organisations, Compass Housing, recently launched a national housing strategy at an event by Independent think tank, Committee for Sydney and Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) in Sydney.

Towards a National Housing Strategy aims to address Australia’s housing affordability crisis in a way that successive commonwealth governments’ have neglected to. With over 100,000 Australian’s homeless and more than 200,000 households on the waiting list for social housing, the strategy aims to highlight ways to make meaningful changes in the housing sector.

The Strategy’s author, Professor Dave Adamson OBE, said that Towards a National Housing Strategy has included input from a range of partners and experts in the field of housing who all agree that a coordinated approach is needed.

‘When something like capital gains tax exemptions, which predominately benefits the top income earners, cost the budget over $46billion in 2014-15, it is clear that aspects of Australia’s housing policies are inefficient’ said Professor Adamson.

‘Housing affordability is a key issue in the transition of our economy’ said Tim Williams, CEO of the Committee for Sydney. ‘We must address this challenge now if we want to see cities and regions achieve economic growth and productivity. The status quo is not an option.’

The Strategy culminates in 15 recommendations, which when put into action at a commonwealth level, will allow Australia’s housing market to better provide adequate, affordable housing.

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