Kirsty Chessher-Brown

Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Development Institute of Australia Queensland (the Institute) since February 2018, Kirsty Chessher-Brown is uniquely positioned to lead the organisation due to her wealth of sector expertise.

Prior to becoming CEO, Kirsty was responsible for the Institute’s policy, research, and sustainability business units. Joining the Institute in 2006, Kirsty has directly overseen the growth of the UDIA’s EnviroDevelopment program and was instrumental in the establish of the Research Foundation. She has extensive experience in the development and leadership of the Institute’s policy stakeholder engagement and research endeavours and has consulted on an extensive amount of state and local government policy creation and development.

Kirsty holds first class honours in Environmental Management, and postgraduate qualifications in Conservation Biology and Urban and Regional Planning.  She has a particular interest in ecological functions within the urban environment and is passionate about driving change within the development industry to facilitate greener, smarter and more resilient communities whether this be through advanced research methods or the development of effective policy.