Housing Solutions for Local Communities

An invitation to candidates for the Queensland 2020 Local Government Elections

Local governments in Queensland shape our cities and towns in significant ways through land use planning, provision of infrastructure and management of public spaces. Local government is a critical partner in providing solutions for more affordable housing and in responding to

There are 5 actions that local government can take to deliver more affordable housing and enhanced homelessness services in their community.

  1. Develop a housing and homelessness strategy and action plan.
  2. Ensure planning schemes provide diverse housing options and that design and location are suitable for people at different life
    stages and abilities.
  3. Develop strategic partnerships with community housing providers to leverage opportunities for new social and affordable housing.
  4. Offer rates rebates and other financial incentives to community housing providers.
  5. Advocate to Federal and State Governments for actions that deliver and promote affordable housing supply, and improve the
    sustainability of housing outcomes.