Housing, Homelessness and the NDIS – When Support Breaks Down

This panel discussion explored topics including how services can support clients when supports are not meeting their needs.

Discussion included:

  • How to read the signs that trouble with support might be building.
  • What happens when the support arrangements fail entirely?
  • What is out there that can be helpful in these situations?

Our thanks to panelists:

  • Rebecca Binyon Carers Queensland – Local Area Coordinator, Brisbane North
  • Kate Jacka Regional Manager ECSN & NDIS Support Coordination, Mercy Community Services
  • Stephen Hawkins Backbone Support, Service Integration Team, Q Shelter
  • Nigel Webb Chairperson, Queenslanders with a Disability Network (QDN)
  • Caitlin De Cocq Van Delwijnen NDIS Appeals Advocate, Queensland Advocacy Inc
  • Mark Edmonds National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)
  • Jon Eastgate (facilitator) 99 Consulting

This information is correct at the time of the recording, but is subject to change.

Please visit the website www.ndis.gov.au for the most up to date information.

Click here to access a transcript of the Webinar.