Hannah Scott

With over 13 years’ experience in the social housing sector, in both government and not-for-profit organisations, Hannah Scott brings a unique and vital customer-outcome focussed perspective to the Board of Management. Hannah is the Area Manager at Regional Housing Limited and working in an environment with much possibility for progressive and innovative solutions. Hannah believes there is opportunity for all frontline workers in the social housing space to move from making customers tick boxes to fit into pre-defined guidelines to making guidelines adapt to the needs of our customers – tailoring individual housing needs to our most vulnerable in the community.

After involvement in several working groups and pilot programs designed to invoke change within the social housing system, Hannah sees finding the right house for the right person and identifying the right supports to help our customers make the transition into successfully sustaining a tenancy, as the most important strategies in helping to break the cycle of homelessness – regardless of the type or owner of the house in question’.