Q Shelter’s vision is that every Queenslander has a home.

Our purpose is to lead the sector in solutions that address the housing and homelessness needs of vulnerable Queenslanders. 

For over thirty years,Q Shelter has worked with members and stakeholders to improve housing outcomes for vulnerable Queenslanders. Q Shelter provides products and services that build the strength and capacity of the housing and homelessness sector.Q Shelter also works with regional networks and members to improve policies and programs responsive to the needs of people vulnerable to homelessness.

Q Shelter works with Government, the community sector and private sector to achieve solutions that make a positive difference.

Specifically, Q Shelter provides:

  • training and professional development
  • tools and resources to assist organisations to be effective
  • support to networks and linking regional networks together to work on Statewide issues and
  • The Deck – a clearing house of information and resources for the housing and homelessness system