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Shape of Housing Assistance in Queensland

Queensland Shelter has officially released the Shape of Housing Assitance in Queensland (SHAQ) paper. The paper investigates the issues surrounding the housing sector, including the scale and size of providers, title issues, portfolio management, rent setting policies and organisation viability to what mechanisms are required to enable vulnerable people to be housed in affordable housing.

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Q Shelter NRAS project - Final Report

Q Shelter has recently conducted a review of the National Rental Affordable Scheme (NRAS).  The research was considered in two categories, firstly, an assessment of the outcomes and feedback from the Establishment Phase (rounds one and two), and secondly, aspects for consideration during the Expansion Phase (rounds three and four) and beyond.
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Regulation and Growth of the Not-For-Profit Housing Sector: Q Shelter Submission

Queensland Shelter's submission to FaHCSIA for the consultation process regarding the Regulation and Growth of the Not-For-Profit Housing Sector is available here.

If you have any comments or queries regarding this submission, please contact Tegan Richardson on 3831 5900

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ICHO Report

Queensland Shelter has now finalised the ICHO report which includes clarification of a number of issues which were detailed in the previous November 2009 version, and new concerns which were raised at the Brisbane January forum.  This report will be used as a solid starting point, particularly over the next three months, as Queensland Shelter intends to, in conj Read more »

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LGAQ Public Enquiry on the need for a State Population Policy

Q Shelter's response to the LGAQ enquiry is available here.

This was developed in March 2010.  For feedback or enquiries please contact the office.

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A Multicultural Future... For all of us

Queensland Shelter's submission on A Multicultural Future... for all of us, is available here.

This was developed by Queensland Shelter in March 2010

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Positively Ageless Seniors Submission

Queensland Shelter's Positively Ageless Seniors submission is available here.
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Health Housing and Disability Report

The Q Shelter Health Housing and Disability Report presents the findings of last year’s consultations about the housing needs of people with disabilities and/or health issues.    

The report includes strategies to address the many complex and broad ranging issues raised in the consultations.   
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Tenancy Database Submission December 2009

Queensland Shelter recently responed to the Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs Residential Tenancies Databases Model Provisions Consultation.

The submission is available here.

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