Penny Gillespie, Acting Director Phone: 07 3831 5900

Penny has over 25 years experience working in housing and community services both in the not for profit and public sectors.  She has worked in Executive roles for the past 10 years.  Penny was appointed as a Director of the Board of the Residential Tenancies Authority in 2013. 


Jane West, Business Development Manager Phone: 07 3831 5900

Jane West is Q Shelter’s Business Development Manager (sharing the role with Fiona Caniglia).    Jane and Fiona will lead the Capacity Development Team’s work to establish and roll out products and services for the community housing sector.   Jane comes to this role with extensive experience of the social housing sector and urban regeneration in the UK. Since coming to Australia, she has worked in government and community housing organisations in a number of policy and project management roles.


Fiona Caniglia, Business Development Manager Phone: 07 3831 5900

As of 22 January 2014, Fiona will share this role with Jane West.   


Gail Middleton, Capacity Development Coordinator Phone: 07 3831 5900

Gail Middleton has just joined Q Shelter’s Capacity Building team and will be working across the community housing sector to develop products and deliver services.  These resources will enable Queensland’s community housing providers and associated organisations comply with the NRSCH and participate in the Housing 2020 strategy.  Gail has more than 30 years’ experience working in various parts of the community services industry and has significant experience in governance through her participation on various boards. 


Maria Model, Capacity Development Coordinator Phone: 07 3831 5900

Maria has joined Capacity Building team recently and brings with her experience of number of community sectors in Queensland. Previously managing sector wide consumer engagement framework development at Queensland Alliance, Maria brings with her skills and experience to be able to support the sector in its growth. Maria is also a professional counsellor and teacher. She hopes to transfer those skills in to valuable products and tools for the sector. Originally from Belarus, Maria now much prefers Queensland climate! 


Ann Earle, Services Support Officer

Ann Earle is Queensland Shelter’s Services Support Officer. Ann’s event and organisational management skills will be used to ensure that the Service Delivery team deliver events and products to community housing providers as they navigate through the process of the National Regulatory System. 


Tina Porter, Finance and Administration Officer Phone: 07 3831 5900

Tina Porter is Q Shelter’s Finance and Administration Officer responsible for looking after the finances for the organisation as well as office operations and supporting administrative activities.  Tina has previously worked in finance and administration with not for profit and industry associations, as well as taxation services for small business. 


Kate Cowmeadow, Project Manager Phone: 07 3831 5900

Kate Cowmeadow is Q Shelter’s Project Manager responsible for communications and marketing strategy, design and implementation of Q Shelter’s new website (watch this space!), and aligning policies and procedures to our new activities . Kate was previously Q Shelter’s Operations Manager and has designed and delivered communications strategies for peak bodies, disability NGOs, and state and federal members of parliament.