Q Shelter Support

Assisting with National Regulatory System for Community Housing

Q Shelter can assist organisations to prepare for registration and compliance under the NRSCH, including:

NRSCH Readiness’ service

A QS Consultant can assist any Queensland based existing or future community housing provider to assess NRSCH readiness – up to two hours assistance.

Self-check Tools

Two NRSCH ‘self-check’ tools are available for Tier 3 providers from Q Shelter:

  • an ‘Evidence Self Check’ tool to assist Tier 3 community housing providers check their readiness to register under the NRSCH. This 13 page checklist identifies policies and procedures, supporting documents and planning documents that should assist with demonstrating capacity to meet each of the ‘Performance Outcomes’.

The checklist is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive but may help to identify gaps in the providers’ processes and structures.

  • A ‘Data Self Check’ tool to assist Tier 3 providers to prepare data required to complete the online registration return (CHRIS). This checklist identifies all the data required in CHRIS.

Please note these tools are focussed on preparing for Performance Outcomes 1 to 6. Separate assistance is available to prepare for Performance Outcome 7: Financial Viability

If you require a Word document of these, please contact us.

Providers may find these helpful in preparing for the compliance stage of NRSCH. For more information on compliance, please click here.

Please email QS Connect or telephone (07) 3831 5900 if you would like support using these tools.

An interactive self-assessment tool is also available from Community Housing Federation Australia (CHFA). Click here for the link

Assistance with preparing for ‘Performance Outcome 7: Financial Viability’

Q Shelter is funding a financial consultancy service, to assist providers to meet the requirements for the ‘Financial Viability’ section of registration under the NRSCH.

The aim of this service is to help providers identify exactly what they need to do to demonstrate capacity and compliance. It is fully subsidized by Q Shelter, so there is no cost to the provider.

Q Shelter has engaged a financial consultant, who has experience in assisting with the NRSCH, to provide up to three hours of assistance to help with:

  • getting an overall understanding of the ‘Financial Viability’ requirements
  • identifying what is required to prepare for  the ‘Financial Performance Report’.

If your organisation is in the process of preparing for NRSCH registration or compliance, and would like some assistance to identify what is needed for the financial aspects, please email us or telephone (07) 3831 5900 for further details.

Free legal support

Providers can access free legal advice through QPILCH (Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House).  As providers consider the decisions and processes associated with registration under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH), there may be issues requiring legal advice, such as:

  • Constitutional Change
  • Winding up organisations
  • Purchasing stock from the Department of Housing
  • Mergers with other service providers
  • Creation of consortiums

Providers interested in accessing this service should go to the QPILCH website www.qpilch.org.au and complete an Application Form for a “Group or Organisation”. Under the section ‘Who referred you to QPILCH’ you should note ‘Q Shelter’ .

QPILCH will then assess your application and, if eligible, will refer the request to their member legal practices. Members are not obliged to accept a referral, so assistance is not always guaranteed.

If you have any questions about completing the QPILCH application form phone QS Connect on (07) 3831 5900 for further assistance.

QS Connect

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