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Minister announces 3 year funding for Q Shelter

At a packed AGM held on 27 November, guest speaker, Minister Tim Mander, announced a further three year funding for Queensland Shelter. This funding has been provided so Q Shelter can move into its new and exciting role of supporting the community housing sector in readiness for the National Regulatory System (NRS) at the end of 2014 and the Government’s 2020 Housing Strategy. Q Shelter will provide a vital link with the community housing sector as they move into this new environment. In announcing the funding Minister Mander acknowledged the great work Q Shelter has done over the past 25 year and was confident that we will continue to provide the expertise needed in this new role. Read more »

Queensland Shelter news - forward work plan

Queensland Shelter is pleased to announce that our funding agreement with the Department of Housing and Public Works has been extended until 31 March 2014. This will enable Q Shelter to plan and carry out our role to support the community housing sector through capacity development and to ensure vulnerable Queenslanders are provided with housing assistance. Read more »

Queensland Shelter's forward work plan

We are currently negotiating our funding arrangement with the Queensland Government and have been asked to focus on training and capacity development to support the upcoming changes to the community housing sector, particularly Tier 3 providers.

There will be a significant evolution of the community housing sector given the Government’s plan to transfer 90% of public housing tenancies to community housing management by 2020, the Housing 2020 Strategy and the National Regulatory System (NRS).  Read more »

Government Land for Accommodation and Support Services

The Queensland government has opened expressions of interest for the Government Land for Accommodation and Support Services (GLASS) program that will provide surplus government land to not for profit (NFP) organisations to develop much-needed housing and facilities. Examples of developments include affordable housing, targeted disability housing, non-residential respite care centres, or other facilities to support people with disabilities. 

Expressions of interest opened 13 August 2013 and close 10 September 2013.   Read more »

Call for nominations for the Q Shelter Board

The Q Shelter Annual General Meeting (AGM)

When: Wednesday 27 November, 10am - REVISED DATE

Where: Q Shelter Office, 515 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill Read more »

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Moreton Bay Housing and Homeless Network, Reconnect Expo, Homelessness Week

Cedric McIntyre, Q Shelter Policy Officer

The theme for this year’s Homelessness event was The Hidden Homeless -we need to understand how we become homeless. As usual, it was an outstanding effort on behalf of the organising committee and the level of support by service organisations big and small was inspiring. A special mention must also be made of the number and efforts of the volunteers who assisted during the day; these included students from Southern Cross High School and the Brisbane North TAFE college. Read more »

Housing in the 21st century

Adrian Pisarski, Q Shelter Executive Officer and National Shelter Chairperson

In the 14th year of the 21st century, we can only really speculate about what housing might look like at the end of the century, but there are some big trends that require some reflection and others which need some promotion. Read more »

AHURI: Marginal rental housing and marginal renters: a typology for policy

"Queensland Shelter assisted with research for the urban (QB) and southern coastal (QSC) case studies. Queensland Shelter hosted a focus group for people involved in tenancy advocacy, advice, policy or practice including community housing providers and caravan park resident advocates. The focus group provided an opportunity to review developments in Queensland relevant to marginal rental housing and informed the selection of the Queensland case studies. Read more »

Housing in the 21st Century Conference

Over two days in June, Queensland Shelter conducted its conference, Housing in the 21st Century. By my count this was our 5th conference and we have run them on average every 4 years. This conference ran well and whilst down in numbers from our previous was still well attended and the feedback overall pointed to a successful event which was well received. Read more »