Measuring Social Outcomes: Community Housing and Homelessness Services

We have often talked in the sector about not being able to demonstrate our value to the community.

This is a serious issue – both for individual organisations and for the sector as a whole. Investors and funders are carefully choosing where to place resources to see measurable returns on their investment – and we need to be able to show them the benefits to be gained from investing in housing services.

From a business point of view, as organisations, we also need to know how we are going in delivering the high quality services we want and making the changes in people’s lives that we exist for.

So what is holding us back?

Although we collect a lot of data, we lack consistent information across the sector, that shows how much we do and who for, the quality of what we do, and the change in people’s lives from the services we provide. We can’t aggregate the data because it is inconsistent and incomplete. The data focuses on things that are easy to measure, rather than what is important and does not capture the population or individual benefit.

What’s been happening so far?

On Monday 7 August, Q Shelter hosted over 60 representatives of the housing, homelessness, and community services sectors to a workshop to discuss social outcomes measurement.

These discussions have helped us steer the project toward developing a framework that meets the needs of our housing and homelessness sector.

You can find all the presentations and worksheets from the workshop below.


Maria Leebeek – Micah Projects

Judy Kraatz – Griffith University

Ross Wyatt – Think Impact



Worksheets – Sessions 1, 2 and 3

Domain Pathways 1 – Housing

Domain Pathways 2a – Health and Wellbeing

Domain Pathways 2b – Health and Wellbeing

Domain Pathways 3 – Employment

Domain Pathways 4 – Education

Domain Pathways 5 – Social

Domain Pathways 6 – Community

Domain Pathways 7 – Urban Amenity

Domain Pathways 8 – Environment

Domain Pathways 9 – Economy


What’s Next?

On 29 August Q Shelter will host a teleconference to discuss the next steps in this social outcomes project.

We encourage you to join this teleconference – details can be found below:

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