Measuring Social Outcomes: Community Housing and Homelessness Sector

How can we show the social benefit we contribute from effort and investment in community housing and homelessness?

What evidence do we have and what would convince investors and the community of the sector’s value? 

 Social Outcomes Framework workshop (7 August 2017)

  1. Workshop presentations and feedback (includes home to outcome pathway diagrams) 
  2. Analysis of workshop input

Next Steps

To identify possible ways of measuring social outcomes for Community Housing. 

Working Group Meetings

Workshop 1      9.30 to 12 noon      24 October  (in person at QShelter or online)  Click here for Workshop 1 program 

Workshop 2     9.30 to 12 noon       7 November  (in person at QShelter or online)  (Workshop 2 program 

Register your attendance through EventBrite here.  You are welcome to come to both, or to one meeting. Please indicate which sessions you will attend on the registration page. 

Material developed from the two workshops will be disseminated to the sector in mid-November for comments by 28 November.

The intended outcome of workshops is to come up with ways of measuring outcomes to show the value of Community Housing.  

If you would like to provide feedback, to gather more information about the project or to be involved with further developments, please contact: 

Marion Norton Project Manager
07 3831 5900 | f 07 3236 1396 m 0419 657 306