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Queensland Shelter is committed to supporting those dedicated to affordable housing, and do so by an established membership base. Being a member of Queensland Shelter provides many benefits to the individual or organisation, including: prioritised distribution of our publications, discounted conference and events rates, invitations to forums and events held by Shelter, access to Shelter’s communications processes, with opportunity to contribute information in the Journal, on the website or through our e-bulletins.

To become a member of Queensland Shelter simply fill out our membership form, submit it with payment and we will be in contact with you very shortly. 

To renew your membership, please fill out the renewal form below, and submit it with payment as per the membership form. 

For more information, contact Ann Earle at or (07)3831 5900.

Thank you for becoming a member of Queensland Shelter, we appreciate your support.  

Please note: If you or your organisation finds paying, or maintaining membership fees difficult, the Queensland Shelter board will consider requests for discounted memberships on a case by case basis.

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