Media Releases

Media release 25/07/2013: Queenslanders face affordable and social housing problem that needs a big plan

Queensland Shelter has welcomed the Housing 2020 Strategy launched today which addresses the affordable housing issue facing many Queenslanders. 

The strategy commits to a significant increase in affordable and social housing in Queensland and asks the community housing sector to play a more central role in managing social and affordable housing. Read more »

Media release 10/07/13: Unaffordable rental costs still a reality in QLD’s mining regions

Queensland Shelter is alarmed by the recent Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) June quarter data indicating unaffordable rental costs are still a harsh reality for Queenslanders.

Despite some small decreases, mining regions remain the most expensive places to live in Queensland, with Gladstone, Mount Isa and Roma sharing the most expensive rents for 4 bedroom houses at $600, which is $110 more than Brisbane.   Read more »

Media release 5/7/13: Welcome homes for remote communities

Queensland Shelter has congratulated the State Government for their commitment to improving the standard of housing in remote Indigenous areas of Queensland.

Over the past twelve months more than 150 Indigenous houses have been built in Queensland under the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing (NPARIH). 

Executive Officer of Queensland Shelter, Adrian Pisarski said that it is encouraging that overcrowding in Indigenous remote communities is being addressed. Read more »

Media release 27/06/13: Homelessness-to-Housing Strategy welcomed

Queensland Shelter has welcomed the State Government’s commitment to halve homelessness by 2020 with the launch of the Homelessness-to-Housing Strategy.

The strategy launched today by Minister for Housing and Public Works Tim Mander includes additional dwellings, increases supported accommodation as well as introducing a triage system. Read more »

National Shelter media release 21/06/13: Call for parties to address homelessness challenge

National Shelter and has called for a multi-party approach to solving homelessness and addressing affordable housing in conjunction with the release of the Greens’ proposal to end homelessness by 2020.

The Greens recommend the Homelessness Action Plan include an emergency package to build new homes, building modular housing and aim to provide specialist homelessness services double the current funding. Read more »

Media release 13/06/13 - Affordable housing for Queenslanders: how do we get there?

Today Queensland Shelter’s last day of Housing in the 21st Century conference will explore the affordability issue in Australia, the costs of ensuring people have access to affordable housing and the effects on the community.

Queensland Shelter’s Executive Officer, Adrian Pisarski said that the last day of the conference was an opportunity to have the sector’s voices heard and a means to be ready for the significant changes affecting the homelessness and housing sectors. Read more »

Media release 12/06/13 - Preparation for the housing revolution facing Queensland

Today Queensland Shelter’s commences day one of Housing in the 21st Century conference which will explore the huge housing revolution facing Queensland, with Minister for Housing and Public Works, Tim Mander to open the conference. 

The Queensland Government has announced plans to transfer 90 per cent of public housing stock to non-government management by 2020 and the conference offers the sector ways to explore this significant challenge. Read more »

Media release 05/06/13: Queensland Budget commits to change on social housing

The Queensland Budget has confirmed a shift from government managed housing toward increased community management of social housing. 

Beginning with Logan, the Newman Government has outlined plans for renewal projects in Logan, Gold Coast, Mount Isa, Townsville and Gladstone through partnerships to be developed with the non-government sector. Read more »

Media release 05/06/13: Long term agreement needed to tackle homelessness

Queensland Shelter has called for a long term homelessness agreement in light of the COAG Reform Council’s report on the National Affordable Housing Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH).

The report which used 2011 Census data, shows that rough sleepers has reduced by 6%, however the number of people who are experiencing homelessness, including people living in temporary accommodation and extremely overcrowded dwellings, has increased by 17%. Read more »

Media release 30/05/13: Certainty provided to Queensland’s homelessness sector

Queensland Shelter has welcomed the long awaited signing of the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) by the Queensland and Federal Governments, which aims to halve homelessness by 2020.

Under the transitional agreement, the funding will enable the continuation of crucial homelessness services in Queensland for 2013/14. Read more »