Sunshine Coast Multicultural Network

The Nambour Community Centre would like to invite you to actively participate in the formation of a Sunshine Coast Multicultural network.
The objective for this project is to create and maintain a structure that allows organizations and culturally diverse community members to work together to address identified issues effecting culturally diverse people living on the Sunshine Coast.

The first meeting will be: Monday 15th of June 10am-12pm
                                           Nambour Community Centre
    Followed by lunch

1. CHECK IN                   Quick check of expectations and agenda
2. INTRODUCTIONS      Please bring any flyers/brochures
3.  DISCUSSION            Identify common issues/goals
                                                Prioritize common issues/goals
 4.  PLANNING                A way forward……………….
                  Date of next meeting
 5. REVIEW                     Quick check if expectations were met
To register your interest please contact:
Nambour Community Centre: 5441 4724

Please see the attached page for more detailed information about this initiative.

The local context: The Sunshine Coast region is a very diverse area with at least 5.9% of our population born in non-English speaking countries and 18.1% of the population born overseas. Currently on the Sunshine Coast there are very few funded programs to address the particular needs of culturally diverse people living here.
The Sunshine Coast Multicultural Network will:
Bring together:
• Non-government and government organizations who are committed to putting time and resources into working with CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Divers) communities.
• Multicultural community groups
• Interested community members

In order to:
• Create a connection between organizations and culturally diverse community groups on the Sunshine Coast.
• Facilitate the participants to identifying their needs and a common issue to take action on. Take action to address the chosen issue/s in a united way.
• Increase the skills of multicultural organizations/groups and mainstream organizations to address issues.
• Advocate on issues.

Current Steering Committee Members:                         
• Bettina Ortel – HACC Multicultural Advisor – Diversicare
• Naomi Wiley – Multicultural Community Worker – Nambour Community Centre
• Smadar Menashe – Community Member

The history: -  In late 2007 A group consisting of community members, representatives from Nambour Community Centre and the Maroochy Shire Council visited the founding members of CARM (Caboolture and Redcliffe Multicultural Forum). This is seen to be a very successful model of a multicultural network that has had some significant impact in their local area. We identified that the key differences between these two areas are: that the population of Caboolture and Redcliffe has some large ethnic groups to work with, whilst we have many smaller groups here; our geographic area is larger and the CARM network benefited from significant resources from local government.  In 2008/2009 the steering committee discussed the idea of a Sunshine Coast multicultural network and key community issues with a range of CALD community groups. Responses to the idea have been mixed. In early 2009 Nambour Community Centre held a planning day for its multicultural program.  Organizations who participated on this day strongly expressed the need to form a Sunshine Coast Multicultural network as fundamental in working effectively with CALD communities.  With the continued enthusiasm and commitment of the steering committee it was decided to invite all interested parties to an inaugural meeting.


Mon, 15/06/2009 - 10:00am - 12:00pm