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National Shelter welcomes federal funding

This week, Minister Tanya Plibersek announced that National Shelter would receive federal funding in the order of $200000 over the next 2 years.

Chairperson of National Shelter Adrian Pisarski welcomed the funding and said that it will assist National Shelter to provide advice and develop policy responses which include tenant and housing consumer perspectives.
“Without funding over the last decade, our capacity to effectively represent consumers has been limited,” Mr Pisarski said.

Housing Australia Factsheet: A quick guide to housing facts and figures

NSW Shelter have prepared an Australian housing factsheet looking at the current circumstances surrounding housing.

The factsheet can be found on Shelter NSW's website at

National Shelter supports public housing investment push

National Shelter supports calls from The Greens, urging the Federal Government to increase Public Housing investment by $2 billion. Read more »

NAHA Analysis

Mary Perkins from Shelter NSW has been kind enough to provide us with a succinct and well developed overview of the NAHA, released at last weeks COAG meeting.

The article outlines all elements of the NAHA and clearly states the direction of funding.

For further information on the NAHA please contact the QShelter office on 3318 4002. 

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Public Housing Campaign

A coalition of Community Organisations including National Shelter, ACOSS, The Community Housing Federation of Australia, Queensland Shelter and about 50 others have embarked on an Australia Fair campaign calling for an increase in national public housing funding. Read more »

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