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National Shelter policy platform 2012

Please see attached for the 2012 National Shelter Policy Platform, available as a summary and full length version. 

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Getting started story

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Housing Australia fact sheet

Attached is a guide to housing facts and figures prepared by National Shelter.

Last updated December 16, 2011.

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Indigenous Housing Roundtable

National Shelter welcomed approximately 30 attendees to this year’s National Indigenous Housing Forum, held at Queensland Shelter on May 17th and 18th. Delegates represented the various State Shelter offices, as well as Indigenous Community Housing Organisations, Homelessness Australia, the Community Housing Federation, Tenants’ Unions and the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Human Services Coalition.

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The National Shelter Marginal Tenures Policy Paper

The National Shelter Marginal Tenures Policy Paper is a set of policy recommendations designed to provide a starting point for discussions with Commonwealth and state/territory governments about improvements in the response to marginal tenures.  Read more »

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Issues from the Henry report on Australia’s future tax system for housing policy

The Henry review of taxation was a review of aspects of Australia’s taxation and transfer system conducted over 2008 and 2009 and culminating in a report dated December 2009. Attached is National Shelter's response to the report, citing issues predominantly focused on the lack of priority in housing sections shown in the report.


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National Shelter Indigenous Forum: A way forward for Indigenous peoples in Australia

National Shelter hosted a national Indigenous housing forum at Queensland Shelter on 26 and 27 July bringing representatives from every State and Territory Shelter, and key representatives from Indigenous Community Housing Organisations from all over Australia.  The purpose of the forum was to begin a national discussion on Indigenous housing, with a specific focus on urban and regional Indigenous populations.  Specific to this, was the focus on gaining
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Improved rights may help reduce homelessness

National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations presented “A Better Lease on Life” to Minister Plibersek last week. The report outlines a reform agenda to improve tenants rights frameworks across Australia. Read more »

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National Shelter Seniors Report

Following a series of National consultations earlier this year, National Shelter has released a final report which looks at housing as it relates to older people and alternative housing options available.  
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