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Do you need help?

If you are seeking accomodation or assistance, please call:
Homeless Persons Information Queensland: 1800 47 47 53

If you are experiencing and are trying to escape domestic violence, please call:

DVConnect womens line: 1800 811 811

Or go to http://www.dvconnect.org/

To see a young women's service directory Read more »

Branch History

The Queensland Shelter Women's Housing Network identifies and responds to women's housing issues.  The group is comprised of community sector workers who recognise the importance of: Read more »

Out of the Shadows Festival

Out of the Shadows – a reminder that Othila's will be holding a one day public event for domestic and family violence month next week on Thursday 27th May.
Thu, 27/05/2010 - 11:00am - 2:00pm

Womens' Legal Service "I Am" Art Exhibit at Studio 13 West End

Dear Friends and Supporters of Women’s Legal Service, The major fundraiser for WLS for 2009 is only one week away – Friday 16 October 6pm to late.
Fri, 16/10/2009 - 7:00pm - 10:30pm

Housing Issues for Women Escaping Domestic Violence

The Women's Housing Network commissioned S&S Consultants to research housing issues for women escaping domestic violence using a Qld Shelter branch grant in 2008. The final report was released in February 2009 and is available at the following link. 
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Lifeline Domestic Violence Brochure

Lifeline has produced a  program for women and families that are affected by domestic violence. Click here to view the brochure.

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October 2008

The Queensland Shelter Women’s Housing Network engaged consultant Emily Schindler to undertake the Branch’s Domestic Violence research project.

 The project’s terms of reference include: 

·         A literature review·         An investigation of variations in issuance of ouster orders  across Queensland jurisdictions·         An insight into Government policy impacts including police, Centrelink, housing, child safety and justice·         One Social Housing exclusions and transitional housing eligibility·         Interviews with court support domestic violence shelter workers.  The project will include consultations with domestic violence shelter workers in North Queensland to maintain a state-wide focus. 

June 2008

The Womens Housing network have been busy laying the groundwork for their domestic violence project, which will examine the connections between government policies and procedures including Justice, Housing Communities, Child Safety and the Police and their effect on women experiencing or escaping domestic violence. 


The network has successfully applied for a Qld Shelter grant to support the project and a working group has been established to interview potential project workers. Read more »

February 2008

The group reconvened early in the New Year to reaffirm its status as an action based collective that undertakes projects that feed into policy such as the “Home is Where the Hurt Is” publication  available at the group’s site http://groups.google.com/group/the-queensland-womens-housing-network  and an REIQ and RTA collaborative Real Estate Agent training project.

The group has first hand and varied experience with the combined effects perpetrators violence against women and police and Child Safety policies and practices as they contribute to Women’s homelessness and separation. Read more »

Women's Housing Network

The group reconvened early in the New Year to reaffirm its status as an action based collective that undertakes projects that feed into policy such as the "Home is Where the Hurt Is" publication available at the group's site http://groups.google.com/group/the-queensland-womens-housing-network and an REIQ and RTA collaborative Real Estate Agent training project. Read more »

Recent Work

The Women's Housing Network with the support of Brisbane City Council initiated a Project in 2004 to identify the social and economic costs of insecure tenure for women and women with children on low incomes in the greater Brisbane area. The project brief was to develop resources to identify housing options for women, tools to assist women and service providers to access and maintain accommodation and to provide advocacy in relation to gender issues in housing. Read more »

Outcomes of the Forum

The forum was funded by the Lady Mayoress Charity Trust and nearly forty people attended for the day. The Lady Mayoress, Mrs Lisa Newman opened the forum and discussed issues surrounding homelessness for Brisbane women. She spoke to the effects homelessness has on families and how short term responses are a beginning but that long term solutions must be found. She raised examples of partnerships between the corporate, government and community sectors as an avenue for achieving some solutions.
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