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Branch History

The Central Queensland Branch was formed in 2004 to enable community housing providers and public, private and community housing tenants to have a united voice to influence, educate, and inform our communities about the provision and growth of affordable housing.

The key reasons for forming the branch were to: Read more »

October 2008

The Rockhampton Branch reported a relatively stable quarter despite concerns voiced by public housing tenants on the higher end of the income scale about frequent rent increases without a corresponding rise in income.  In one case, a tenant’s rent was first raised by $30 per week then by a further $35 eight weeks later. The tenants, who also expressed concerns about security of tenure, have been advised to explore purchasing their homes from the Department. Read more »

June 2008

Rockhampton housing providers, joined by some from as far away as Redland Bay, and Qld Shelter delegate Sophie Paterson met with the Rockhampton Area Office Manager and staff of the CQ area offices and Brisbane Community Housing Policy staff as part of the Transitional Housing Realignment review. The forum  afforded an opportunity for  networking amongst providers and the Department’s staff expressed a willingness to listen to the attendees’ views, particularly those regarding individual tenancy plans and the needs of an increasing number of high needs client referrals anticipated under the Department’s Client Intake and Assessment Process (CIAP).

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