ASHRAM (Agencies Supporting the Housing of Refugees, Asylum seekers and Migrants)

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Branch History

ASHRAM membership is drawn from peak bodies, multicultural agencies, TAAS and community education agencies, non-government housing or support services, government departments and people from ethnic communities. Anyone with an interest in people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds' housing issues is welcome to participate.

The ASHRAM network: Read more »

Branch update

At the ASHRAM meeting of 19 February 2013, it was decided the “Compass Keepers” group would follow up these actions - Read more »

Into the future with the consolidated call for action

In October 2005, the ASHRAM (Agencies Supporting the Housing of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants) Network, a branch of Queensland Shelter, comprising a network of housing providers, tenancy groups and support agencies released a paper entitled "ASHRAM‟s Call to Action". The paper outlined the many challenges faced by refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants when they arrived in Australia, in particular their right to secure affordable and accessible housing.

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Ashram Meeting

Where: ECCQ House, 253 Boundary Street, West End.

Tue, 30/11/2010 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Stronger Tenancies: A New and Emerging Communities Tenancy Advice, Information, and Education Research Project

Stronger tenancies:A research project to document effective practices and models in providing tenancy information, advocacy and advice to

new and emerging communities. Read more »

Tue, 19/05/2009 (All day)

ASHRAM (Agencies Supporting Housing for Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Migrants)

The next meeting will be on a Wednesday – November 18 - with the main focus to be on workshopping the results to date from ECCQ’s Stronger Tenancy Project, in conjunction with the outcomes and recommendations from the CALD tenancy forum organised by the Tenants’ Union back in June.  These tie together some of the major issues identified as priorities by ASHRAM.
Wed, 18/11/2009 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Joint Standing Committee on Migration

Members of the ASHRAM network gave evidence before the Joint Standing Committee on Migration enquiry into community based alternatives to immigration detention at the Queensland Parliamentary Annex on 23 January. Read more »

October 2008

ASHRAM members submitted a response to the Federal Government’s green paper on homelessness.  The group expressed concerns about barriers experienced by CALD clients when seeking access to homelessness and housing services.

June 2008

The Ashram branch worked closely with Anna McCormack, the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, and the Residential Tenancies Authority to hold the “Towards Sustainable Tenancy Education for Diverse Communities” forum in April. The forum examined the one-off nature of project funding and stated the need for continuance of pilots such as the Community Partners in Tenancy Project (CPIT) where five CALD workers were trained and accredited in tenancy advice and advocacy and community education in partnership with the Tenants Union of Queensland.  One graduate, Anzo James, now works as a full time tenancy advice worker at Acacia Ridge TAAS.    Read more »

February 2008

The ASHRAM network's strength lies in its association of housing specific agencies (such as TAAS) working with other agencies that assist migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, such as the Multicultural Development Association and the ECCQ. The ASHRAM mailing list contains 61 agencies that work with CALD groups. Read more »

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