Bowen Homelessness Support Program

The Bowen Homelessness Support Program began back in July 2012 after two years of lobbying and development by ONE VOICE Whitsunday Housing Action group. The program has been supported locally by the Bowen Neighbourhood Centre and managed through the Whitsunday Housing Company, and this has proven to be a very successful arrangement.

The project has received over 157 referrals in the first 6 months, has permanently housed 32 people into a range of accommodation including private rentals and community housing.

Chairperson of ONE VOICE, Kate Jacka said, "The impact of having a stand alone case manager to work with people experiencing homelessness has enabled people to receive thorough and appropriate support, and has resourced the services to be able to respond to those who are most disadvantaged in a timely and effective manner."

"This success of this project can be clearly seen in the statistics and outcomes. It is very disappointing that One Voice has not been able to secure funding alternatives after July 2013."

"Sourcing funding from different levels of government and corporate bodies, to date has been unsuccessful. Without further funding this project will be cut as of 30 June 2013 and our community will be without yet another vital service."

Coordinator of the Bowen Neighbourhood Centre and member of ONE VOICE Deanna Tinirau, said "Local community services are already over stretched and under resourced so to remove such a successful service will have devastating impacts on local services providers who already cant meet the demand. This project has experienced unprecedented demand and because of this has only been able to service the Bowen town area, when it is clearly required across the entire Whitsunday region.’

Whitsunday Housing Action Group

Media Contact:

Kate Jacka, Chairperson, ONE VOICE, 0439 873 295