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A low pressure trough settles over Southeast Queensland and it rains and it rains and it rains...

The past couple of weeks in Queensland felt a little like how soldiers describe war, long periods of inactivity and frustration followed by intense drama and action. For days last week, apart from those in flood evacuation centres or search and rescue ops, it was about staying out of the way, keeping the roads clear, bursts of furniture removal for friends and family and timeless television. Read more »

Nagging thoughts and damn statistics obscure a homeless free vision?

A couple of nagging thoughts and some damn statistics dog my otherwise confident attitude that we finally have a chance to make serious inroads into the high level of people experiencing homelessness. Read more »

Now that the federal election is over…

It is finally possible to write now the anxiety of the past couple of months has passed.

Since Labor decided Kevin Rudd no longer had their confidence as Prime Minister there has been a question mark over support for some of the causes he championed, particularly the issues of homelessness and affordable housing. Read more »

Our tax system makes our housing too expensive and needs fixing

The tax treatment of housing helps explain why Australia’s housing is so expensive and as some commentators have claimed, is both “upside down and back to front.”

Why the COAG NAHA may not be the agreement we wanted

My daughter is always reminding me to be careful what you wish for and the latest COAG round of agreements creating a NAHA may be a case in point. Read more »